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Memo With Examples

In this page you will find Memo With Examples.

memo with examples

 Imagine that you are the Student Representative in your college. You need to inform your fellow-students, faculty members, and other college staff that a noted business person will be in your college next week to give a speech on "Business Communication in Nepal." Use the following memo template to invite them to attend the event. Write whatever is necessary and appropriate for a memo.

TO: All Students, Faculty members & Staff

From: Harry Potter, Student Representative 

DATE 13 November 2022

SUBJECT: For the participation

Next week, there will be a business person in our college. He will be here to give a speech on " Business Communication in nepal"

So, every students,Staff & Faculty members are informed to participate in this speech.


CC: All students, Staff & faculty members

Write a memo to your staff about upcoming meeting.

TO: All Staff

FROM: Harry Potter, General manager DATE: 13 November 2022

SUBJECT: participating in upcoming meeting

Our company is going to launch new product on 20 November 2022 at Bhrikuti Mandap, Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu.

On Behalf of that, the chairperson of our company has decided to organize a meeting before exhibition.

Every staff of each department are invited to attend the meeting at 7:00 pm. on 20 November 2022.


CC: Staff members

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