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La Beauty Premium Blogger Template Free Download Now Latest

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template is the best blogger template for fashion, healthcare, travel, lifestyle, food recipe, personal portfolio blogs

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template is the best premium blogger template for fashion blog, travel, lifestyle, healthcare, food recipes, personal portfolio blogs and more. It is highly SEO optimized for major search engines and social networks for getting the best results in terms of ranking and authority. It is fully customizable for creating professional and beautiful website in a few clicks and without any coding knowledge.

It is mobile friendly as well as highly responsive for superior user experience on any screen size. It is fully integrated and adsense friendly. If you need a professional and beautiful blogger website, you must try La Beauty Blogger Template.

Features of La Beauty

Shiny Clean Layout

The best feature of the La Beauty Premium Blogger Template is its shiny clean layout. Its user friendly shiny clean layout makes it unique and highly professional blogger template. It is highly recommended blogger template for beginners and experts in the field of beauty products, fashion, food recipes, travel blogs etc.

Featured Slider

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template has professional auto slider gadget section. That section helps to visualize the best trending products of all time or particular duration. The Featured Slider is highly optimized to fit all type of screens to provide Facebook story like user experience to the audience.

DropDown Menu

Another feature of La Beauty Premium Blogger Template is its DropDown menu feature which is not easily available in other blogger templates. You can add multiple dropdowns depending on your choice without doing any type of coding. So if you are tired of doing coding, you must give it a try.

Mega Menu

Nowadays Mega menu has become the major and the most admired feature of the blogger template as it showcase the blog posts with its featured image without visiting the blog. Mega menu is highly needed feature for getting better user response and better promotion of the products.

Post Layouts

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template has highly designed post layout for the better performance and readablility of the post. The author can easily choose to select the left sidebar mode, full width mode or right sidebar mode for the better look of the blog posts.

Editors' Choice

It has advanced grid style Editors' Choice section to visualize the trending products according to their popularity or sales.

404 Error Page

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template has modern custom 404 error page feature. Basically the custom 404 error page feature shows itself when a particular blog is not available any more or if the blog address has been modified. It is highly useful feature to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Editors' Spotlight

It has special featured post section on the footer section which shows the featured product with large thumbnail image.

Blog Published Date

It has modern blog published date section which is designed to be appeared on the homepage and blog post section at the starting of the blog.

Social Media Profile

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template has stylish social media profile section where you can add link of social media accounts of your website so that your website can followers and reputation from the social media sites. It is also very helpful for backlink building and SEO optimization. This advanced feature even supports icon of the social media platforms. Current this blogger template supports icon of google, blogger, apple, amazon, microsoft, facebook, facebook-f, twitter, rss, youtube, skype, stumbleupon, tumblr, vk, stack-overflow, github, linkedin, dribbble, soundcloud, behance, digg, instagram, pinterest, pinterest-p, twitch, steam, delicious, codepen, flipboard, reddit, whatsapp, telegram, messenger, snapchat, discord, quora, tiktok, email, share, external-link.

Popup Social Share

If you want your blog audience to share your blog posts or products into the social media sites with a one click, La Beauty Premium Blogger Template will do it for you without any trouble. Its popup social share feature present at the start and the end of the blog posts helps in the better sharing of your blog into the social media platforms. With the help of that popup social share feature, your blog audience can share your blog products into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, VKontakte, Reddit, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email. Infact your blog audience can even Copy Post Link to directly share the post into other social media platforms.

Grid Style Products

The Recent Articles or Products section is designed in Grid style in La Beauty Premium Blogger Template which provides professional design to the website.

Main Tags

Main Tags are presented at the footer section of the template. The main tags represent the overall labels of the blog which you have used in your blog.

In Article Tags

In Article Tags are presented at the ending of the article. It represents the particular labels which you have used in your particular blog.

Advanced Footer Section

It has three columns advanced footer section. The first column contains About section. The second column contains Editors' Spotlight section. The third section contains the Main Tags section.

Awesome About Section

As I have stated the awesome about section is presented in the first column of the footer section. It contains a brief summary or goal of your website along with the link of the social media accounts of your website with the social media icons.

Awesome Author Section

Before starting of the blog, the author name is presented. At the end of the blog, the awesome author section is presented which contains a brief summary about the author along with his/her social media accounts. La Beauty Blogger Template provides extremely very stylish author section which automatically gets appeared in every blog posts.

Previous Post

The previous post button is presented at the end of the comment system in the article view mode which helps to directly navigate to the previous post.

Next Post

The next post button is also presented at the end of the comment system in the article view mode which helps to directly navigate to the next post.

Advanced Comment System

It supports blogger comment system, disqus comment system and facebook comment system. You don't need to add extra coding to activate any of these comment system, you can choose and use any of the comment system with a one shortcode which is properly mentioned in its documentation.

Grid Style Related Products

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template has amazing Grid style related posts or products section which shows the list of the blogs which are related with the particular blog. This feature helps your website to provide quick assistance to your audience. It will engage your audience with your website for a long time which will reduce bounce rate of your website.

Grid Style Latest Products

It also has grid style latest products gadget which can be added in the sidebar and footer sections.

Advanced Trending Products

This feature helps to show the most popular blog of your website to your visitors. It specially increases the popularity of your blog.

Advanced Breadcrumb

If you add a label in your blog, the breadcrumb of that blog will be generated like Home > Label. The breadcrumb helps in the ranking of your website in the search engines.

Advanced Schema Markups

La Beauty Premium Blogger Template is highly optimized with structured data schema markups which helps to show your website in the rich results of the search engines.

Fully Responsive

La Beauty Blogger Template is highly responsive in all types of screen resolutions. It doesn't matter either you are using mobile, tablet or deshtop, your website will be fully fitted into all type of devices.

Mobile Friendly

La Beauty Blogger Template is very mobile friendly blogger template. It is highly optimized for the mobile for the better ranking of your blog.

SEO Optimized

La Beauty Blogger Template is SEO optimized blogger template. It is highly optimized with the latest meta tags, schema markup for the better ranking of your blog.

AdSense Friendly

It also very good template for getting AdSense approval as soon as possible.

Fastest Loading

It has Lazy Loading feature which loads the particular section only when a user scrolls to that section. That's why it is the fastest blogger template.

Instant Indexing

La Beauty Blogger Template helps your blog posts to get indexed faster as compared to other blogger templates available in the internet.

High Ranking

It is highly designed for the high ranking of your website as it is supported by every type of search engines and web browsers.

ShortCodes Plugins

With the help of La Beauty Blogger Template, you can add Table of Contents, Colourful Buttons (Advanced Download Button, Advanced Buy Button, Preview Button, Contact Button, Share Button, Link Button, More Info Button) in the blog very easily without doing any type of coding. You can even add Alert Messages (Alert Success, Alert Warning, Alert Error, Alert Info), Contact Form and Code Box in your blog posts by using a simple shortcode which is clearly given in its documentation.

In Article Table Support

With this feature, you can add mobile friendly table in your blogger posts.

Native Cookie Consent

If you are placing ads on your website or if you are using cookie in your website, you can easily notify about it to your audience with the help of this feature. Some countries even want website to compulsory show the cookie consent to their users so if your visitors are from that countries, the native cookie consent helps your website to comply with their rules and regulations.

Image Logo Support

With this feature, you can add image as logo of your blogger website.

Support For All Languages

La Beauty Blogger Template supports almost all type of languages for the better layout design of your website.

RTL Supported

If you write your blog in Arabic or in any other language which is written from right to left, you must use La Beauty Blogger Template as it fully RTL supported.

AdSense Ads Support

In La Beauty Blogger Template, you can add AdSense ads in the header section, footer section, in the sidebar, before starting and after ending of the blog posts which will help your website to get good revenue from google AdSense.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode feature enables your audience to read your blog in dark mode which is very good for user experience.

Dark Logo Support

In La Beauty Blogger Template, you can add two logos for your website, one for the light mode and another for the dark mode.

Search Button

With the help of search feature, your blog visitors will be able to search the particular information or blog of your website.

YT Videos & Images in Comment

If you want your visitors to comment text or YouTube videos or images, this feature will extremely help to do that.

Recent Comments Gadget

This feature shows the recent comments commented by your blog visitors. It helps to increase trust of your website.

Mailchimp Subscribe Form

La Beauty Blogger Template provides mailchimp subscribe form which will help your blog visitors to subscribe your website for the latest updates.

Fully Customizable

La Beauty Blogger Template is fully customizable blogger template. You can easily customize it from the Layout panel without doing any coding. You can even change the background, widths, colors and fonts of this template from the Customize panel.

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