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journal entries


Following transaction are provided to you:

Feb 1 Goods sold for cash Rs. 8,000.

Feb 5 Goods sold on credit Rs. 5,000.

Feb 10 Old furniture sold on cash for Rs. 9,000.

Feb 15 Cash received from customers Rs. 5,000.


 Date Account Titles and ExplanationPR Debit (Rs.) Credit (Rs.) 
 Feb 1 Cash a/c                               Dr.
     To sales a/c
(Being goods sold for cash)
  8,000 8,000
 Feb 5 Accounts receivable a/c      Dr. 
     To Sales a/c
(Being goods sold on credit)
  5,000 5,000
 Feb 10 Cash a/c                               Dr.
     To Furniture a/c
(Being old Furniture sold on cash)
  9,000 9,000
 Feb 15 Cash a/c                               Dr.
      To Debtors a/c
(Being cash received from customers)
  5,000 5,000

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