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Tense Exercise With Answer

Learn Tense in English Grammar with examples,Present tense,past tense,future tense,Learn tense in easy way,Tense Exercise With Answer

1. She (write) a letter yesterday.
= She wrote a letter yesterday.

2. She usually (read) English.
= She usually reads English.

3. She (read) English just now.
= She read English just now.

4. She (read) English now.
= She is reading English now.

5. She Just (read) English.
= She has just read English.

6.She (write) a letter tonight.
= She will write a letter tonight.

7. I hope she (write) a letter to me.
= I hope she will write a letter to me.

8.We rarely (play) football.
= We rarely play football.

9. She (write) letter these days.
= She writes letter these days.

10. We (play) football everyday.
= We play football everyday.

11. We (play) football recently.
= We have played football recently.

12. We (play) football last week.
= We played football last week.

13. We lately (play) football.
= We had lately played football.

14. He (come) shortly.
= He will come shortly.

15. We (play) Football at this time tomorrow.
= We will be playing football at this time tomorrow.

16. I (buy) a pen tomorrow.
= I will buy a pen tomorrow.

17. We (play) football at this time.
= We are playing football at this time.

18. We (play) football daily.
= We play football daily.

19. She (be) to Pokhara.
= She has been to pokhara.

20. It is certain that he (win) the election.
= It is certain that he will win the election.

Tense Exercise With Answer

21. What you (do) at this moment.
= What are you doing at this moment.

22. Look! he (play).
= Look he is playing.

23. It (rain) all this morning.
= It has been raining all this morning.

24.She just (read) English.
= She has just read English.

25. She (write) a letter yesterday.
= She wrote a letter yesterday.

26. America (get) independence in 1776.
= America got independence in 1776.

27. His Father (come) the other day.
= His Father came the other day.

28.Death (be) inevitable.
= Death is inevitable.

29. He already (see) the Tajmahal.
= He has already seen the Tajmahal.

30. You ever (visit) a zoo?
= You have ever visited a zoo.

31. I wish I (be) a king.
= I wish I were a king.

32.The Sun (set) in the west.
= The sun sets in the west.

33. I never (see) the sea.
= I never see the sea.

34. Oil (float) on water.
= Oil floats on water.

35. By tomorrow he (write) his letter.
= By tomorrow he will have written his letter.

36. He said that he already (see) the Tajmahal.
= He said that he had already seen the Tajmahal.

37. She visit her grandfather every now and then.
= She visits her grandfather every now and then.

38. What you (do) at this time tomorrow.
= What you will be doing at this time tomorrow.

39. By tomorrow he (write) his letter for three days.
= By tomorrow he will have been writing his letter for three days.

40. The Earth(move) round the sun.
= The earth moves round the sun.

41. Hurry up! the bus (come).
= Hurry up! the bus is coming.

42. They did not face the danger because they (be) afraid.
= They did not face the danger because they were afraid.

43. Hari sister (be) six next month.
= Hari sister will be six next month.

44. Her brother (be) six last month.
= Her brother was six last month.

45. Hearken! someone (cry).
= Hearken! someone is crying.

46. My uncle (come) an hour ago.
= My uncle came an hour ago.

47. We not (eat) so far.
= We have not eaten so far.

48. He hardly (believe) me.
= He hardly believes me.

49. They habitually (come) late.
= They habitually comes late.

50. We (go) to Chicago last week.
= We went to Chicago last week.

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