Create A Free Virtual Credit Card

About Yandex.Money

Yandex.Money is a service where you can pay and receive money.
Without registration: Pay for mobile, Internet and utilities, send money to any legal entity or individual entrepreneur in Russia. You can pay by credit card or cash.
If you create a wallet, bonuses will be added to payments: You can set up automatic replenishment of mobile, pay new fines of the traffic police via SMS, collect money on a personal page or on your own website.
Shops, Services, Charity funds can receive payments to a current account, bill, Customers or make payment.
Step:1 = Search in chrome browser.

Step:2 = Click on create a wallet.

Step:3 = Sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

Step:4 = Type your Telephone number and click on proceed. You will receive an SMS.

Step:5 = Type your SMS code and Click on create wallet.

Step:6 = Click on the profile picture: inside your accounts and cards.

Step:7 = Click on CARDS.

Step:8 = Click on virtual,O.

Step:9 = Click on Get a virtual machine.

Step:10 = Click on get password.

Step:11 = Type password and click on proceed.

Your card is now ready.

If you want to know your CVC code click on card data. You will get CVC code in SMS.
You have to link this card with your bank account for online transaction in Russia . But If you want to do shopping through out the world, you have to verify it. To verify you can either click on Personal if you have Russian Passport or click on Identified if you are from other country instead.

Video Tutorial in Hindi

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