How Health, Population & Environment Education Is Interrelated

How Health,Population & Environment education is interrelated?

Health, Population and Environment education is interrelated to various aspects, how ? Prove with example.

~ Health, population and environment education is an interconnected subject. Therefore, it is natural for this subject to be related to various aspects. The following points discuss on how this subject is interrelated to various aspects.
How Health,Population & Environment education is interrelated?

(a) Physical aspect:

Health, population and environment education is related to physical aspect of environment. This aspect includes inanimate component of environment such as soil, water, climate and so on. Such components have their impact on health, population and environmental conditions.
How Health,Population & Environment education is interrelated?

(b) Biological aspect:

Biological aspect includes biotic components or living organisms. Such organisms are directly related to human health as well as population and environmental situations. Without such components, population cannot exist and they also have their impact on human health. At the same time, they help in maintenance of environment as well.

(c) Economic aspect:

Economy is directly related to environment, population, and health. Where there is manageable population, there is enough employment for everybody. They have income,source and their quality of life and health status are high. Just opposite, if the population overgrows, there is unemployment, low income, low consumer power and consequently low quality of life and lower health status. An economically prosperous place has a focus towards environmental conservation.

(d) Political aspect:

It is the government that is primarily responsible for formulating programmes, plans and policies for the conservation of environment, management of population and betterment of human health.

(e) Psychological aspect:

Environment, population and health are hugely impacted by human psychology. The positive or negative perspectives of humans towards environment can conserve or destruct environment. In the same way, mentality of humans towards population and it's management, health and it's maintenance and such topics can influence the state of being of their population and health.

(f) Science and technological aspect: 

Because of advancement of science and technology, various areas of human development have been benefitted. On one hand, science and technology has made life of population comfortable. On the other hand it has created much havoc in health. At the same time it has some positive as well as negative impacts of environment as well.

(g) Socio-cultural aspect:

These are the human made rules, regulations, traditions, festivals, religions, and other such social and cultural things. Many of such components have impacts on human health, population situation and environmental condition. For example, the cultural use of alcohol in some ethnicities has its effects on health. Worshipping of some plants and animals as a culture can have positive effects on environment. Similarly, prioritizing boys over girls according to culture creates rapid population growth.

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