Permanent Method Of Contraception Along With Their Characteristics

 Describe the permanent method of contraception along with their characteristics?

=Permanent method of contraception refers to those method which are used by those who are satisfied with the number of their children and do not want more babies. Such methods use a short and minor operation generally and once done, cannot be undone. Following are some of the contraceptive measures.

[1] Vasectomy:It is the most effective method for those male who decide they will not want more children. It is a safe, simple and quick surgical procedure. It is not castration.It doesn't affect the function of Testes and doesn't affect sexual ability. It is also called male sterilization or male surgical contraception. Small cut is made at the scrotum and vas differenses. After that,both the cut ends of both vas differenses are tied with a string so that sperm, cannot pass to Seminal Vesicles. It is effective after 6-10 weeks after surgery. Therefore it is better to use condoms during sexual intercourse for 20 times of ejaculation or should apply any other method of contraception at least for 10 weeks.

Characteristics of vasectomy
[a]It is permanent method of contraception.
[b]It can be done with minor surgery.
[c]It is suitable for those male who do not wish for babies any more.
[d]It doesn't affect in health and sexual satisfaction.
[e] Even after vasectomy, the man must use condom for few months.

[2]Minilap: It is a permanent contraceptive for female. A small surgery is done in the lower part of abdomen just above the pubic hair. Then the Uterus is raised with an instrument (uterine elevator) to bring each of the Fallopian tubes under the incision. After that the Fallopian tubes tied and cut down or else closed with a clip or ring to prevent ovum release.It must be done within 45 days of delivery or within 8 days of mensuration. But it can be done anytime if any other method of contraception is being regularly used such as Depo-Provera,Pills and such others.

Characteristics of Minilap
[a]It doesn't affect health and sexual satisfaction.
[b]It is permanent contraception method.
[c]It involves only a minor surgery.
[d] Only suitable for those female who do not want any more babies.
[e] It cannot prevent STDs including HIV/AIDS.

[3] Laparoscopy:It is also a permanent contraception for women. It is also called female sterilization or female surgical contraception. In this sterilization a small surgery (2cm-5cm) is made just below the Navel. An instrument called Laparoscope is entered through the incision. With the help of Laparoscope, Fallopian tubes are closed with a ring,a clip or by electro coagulation to prevent release of ovum. It should be done within 30-42 days of delivery or within 5-8 days of mensuration.

Characteristics of Laparoscopy
[a] There is no side effect to any of the couple.
[b] It is Suitable only for those who don't wish for any more babies.
[c] It doesn't affect sexual satisfaction.
[d] It cannot prevent STDs including HIV/AIDS.
[It cannot be used by the female who has already have abdominal operation.

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