How to create a payoneer account for online transaction?

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                            GET PAID BY
                        MARKETPLACE &
                        DIRECT CLIENTS
Payoneer is a financial service provider company that provides online money transfer, digital payment service and provides customer with working capital.

Benefit of Payoneer
*Simplify the way you get paid.
*Reduce your payment fees.
*Scale your business.
*Get paid in more currencies.
*Access your funds with ease.
*Get multilingual customer care 24/7.

After receiving payment... NOW WHAT?
*Withdraw payments from your payoneer account to your local bank account,in local currency.
*Pay another, payoneer customer anywhere in the world-for free.
*Withdraw your funds at ATMs worldwide or make purchase online and in store.

Full explanation is given in this video,
In this video,I will show you how to create a payoneer account for online transaction. Please do like,share, comment and subscribe to our channel and website Education Galaxies for more videos.
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