Different Aspects Of Environment, Population And Health

 What are the different aspects of environment, population and health? Make a list of them and explain any five briefly.

Ans: The different aspects of environment, population and health are listed and described below.

[a] Physical aspect: Physical aspect includes the physical or natural phenomena like rivers, lakes,forest,hills, mountains,land and such things.Human have developed different structures for their development and comfort such as roads ,bridges, industries, factories, vehicles etc. All of these things can be included under physical aspects of environment, population and health.

[b] Biological aspect: Biological aspect of environment, population and health means the different biological matters available in a place due to prevalent geographical condition. For example,the physical/geographical conditions of Himalayan and Terai region are not the same. Himalayan region is colder whereas Terai is way for hotter. Because of that geographical difference,there is difference in the available plants and animals, fertility of soil,crops that can be cultivated etc. in those two regions. Himalayan region doesn't have much fertility of soil there unlike Terai region but has a lot of different varieties of medicinal herbs there. Such difference of biological components according to the available physical/geographical condition of places can be called biological aspect of environment, population and health.

[c] Economic aspect: Economic aspect includes all the activities of human that they do for earning their livelihood and earning wealth. This aspect includes the human activities which enable economic development of them. Phenomena such as industries, other enterprises, employment,tourism, agriculture activities and such others comprise the economic aspect of environment, population and health.

[d] Political aspect: Political system, different programmes and policies introduced by government, political condition and such other things related with politics of the place/country are collectively called political political aspect of environment, population and health. Such things have direct relation with the environment, population and health of the people.

[e] Psychological aspect: Psychological aspect is related to a person's mode of thinking and behavior shaped by it. A person's psychology or mode of thinking can be greatly shaped by the nurturing and familial environment that they get. A person who gets love,care and a proper upbringing has a positive attitude towards the society. Just contrarily,a person getting an improper upbringing like harsh treatment, torture,no proper love and care in the childhood may develop negative attitude towards the society. This fact may impact environment, population and health of individual.

[f] Socio-cultural aspect: Wherever human live,they need to develop their own culture, tradition,rites and rituals, religion and such other things which are related to their race and civilization. All of such things related with human society of a certain place and their culture such as birth rituals,death rituals, festivals,jatras, marriage ceremony and such others can be called Socio-cultural aspect of environment,population and health.

[g] Science and technological aspect: Inventions, technologies, discoveries etc made possible by science can be called science and technological aspect of environment,population and health. Science and technology has made tremendous advancement in many sectors in this modern age. In areas like medical science, transportation,communication and so many others, science and technology has big progress. Though such progress has both negative and positive impacts on environment, population and health, science and technology and it's outcomes are important aspects of them

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