Conditional Sentence-[Diploma]-Set-1

Conditional Sentence
Types Of Clause

[a] = Principal Clause/Main clause
(Which describes completion or non completion of the condition)
[b] = Subordinate Clause/Conditional clause(Which states about condition)

Conditional Sentence
= Conditional sentence consists of two parts one part states about certain conditions,and another part describes about completion or non completion of the condition.

Points to be considered in Conditional sentences
  • There are four types of conditional sentences.
  •  It's important to use the correct structure for each of these different conditional sentences because they express varying meanings.
  • Pay attention to verb tense when using different conditional modes.
  • Use a comma after the if clause when the if clause precedes the main clause.

Types of conditional sentences
  • Zero conditional sentences
  • First conditional sentences
  • Second conditional sentences
  • Third conditional sentences

(a) Zero conditional sentences
= Zero conditional sentences express facts that are generally true situations in which one thing always causes another.


If/When+simple present ,simple present
  • If you boil water,it changes into steam.
  • If I am late to reach the office,my boss punishes me .
  • When people smoke cigarettes,their health suffers.
  • If woods falls into water,it floats.
  • If you speak the truth, everyone appreciates you.
  • If fog gets thicker, flights get late.

(b) First conditional sentences
= First conditional sentences are used to represent possible condition and it's likely result.


If + simple present,S+Will/May/Can/Shall/Must+V1+O
  • If it rains,he will remain at home.
  • If you want to pass,you must study hard.
  • If you rest,you will feel better.
  • If you eat so much,you will be fat.
  • If you set your mind to a goal, you'll eventually achieve it.
  • If you make haste, you will catch the bus.

(c) Second conditional sentences
= Second conditional sentences express hypothetical condition but not impossible to happen.


If+Simple past,S+Should/Would/Could/Might+V1+O
If + S + Were + O, S + Should / Would / Could / Might + V¹ + O
  • If you learned to speak English,you would get this job.
  • If you studied hard, you would pass in the first division.
  • If he had money,he would buy a car.
  • If I were the manager,I would not go to this meeting.
  • If I lived in Nepal,I would visit the pashupatinath temple.
  • If I won a lottery of  1 million,I could buy a car.
  • If I were a movie star, I would marry someone famous.
  • If she were younger, she would travel more.
  • She would be promoted, If she were not always so late.

(d) Third conditional sentences
= Third conditional sentence express hypothetical condition in past that is not at all possible to happen (Regret).


If+Past perfect,S+Should/Would/Could/Might/Must/+have+V3+O
  • If you had studied hard,you would have passed in the first division.
  • If he had run fast,he would have won the race.
  • If he had studied well,he would have become a doctor.
  • If she had informed me earlier,I could have helped her.
  • If you had studied hard, you would have passed the exam.
  • If Baggio had scored a goal, Italy would have won the world cup.

If you want to do practice of what you have learnt above in this page, please click on this link: Conditional Sentences Set-2
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