Double Column Cash Book with Bank and Discount Column

The following transactions are given to you for the month of October: October 1 Cash deposited into bank Rs. 90,000. October 6 Purchased goods from A and Company for Rs. 35,000 and paid Rs. 25,000 by cheque partially. October 8…

How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger GoDaddy (Latest Method)

This Tutorial will show you How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger from GoDaddy using the Fastest Cloudflare CDN with Latest Trick to setup your Domain. So don't miss any step and properly follow all the following steps:

Journal Entries/Ledger | T-Account | Numerical Problems - 7

The following transactions occurred during the month of July of a business: July 1. Received contribution of Rs. 200,000 from each of the three principal owners of the new business in exchange for shares of stock. July 2. Purch…

Journal Entries/Ledger | Numerical Problems Part - 6

Record each transaction shown below directly in continuous balance ledger . Each account involved needs a separate at account: i. Received capital contribution of Rs. 19,500 from the owners in exchange for shares of stock. ii.…

How To Serve Images In Next-Gen Formats In Blogger Post

This Tutorial will show you how to serve images in next-gen formats in Blogger post to increase the speed of blogger website, recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights.

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